1.  Opening Remarks : Sita NARAYANAN – Pauline COUVIN – Pascaline GABORIT
  2. Important Takeaways ·: Mikaa BLUGEON-MERED
  3. Transplantation trial and error: the critical state of Caribbean coral farming : Dr. Reia GUPPY
  4. The importance of sea grass beds in adaptation to climate change: flexible management, integrated tools : Dr. Fanny KERNINON
  5. Mangroves as barriers against the effects of climate change : Dr. Norman Clive DUKE
  6. Evaluating nature-based projects for coastal risk reduction: lessons learned from a Caribbean project : Dr. Virginie DUVAT et Ines HATTON
  7. System to evaluate and monitor socio-economic impact : Dr. Donovan CAMPBELL
  8. References and acknowledgments


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