The coastal zone is subject to numerous anthropic pressures to the detriment of natural areas (development, urbanization, tourist pressure, etc.). In addition to this, there are the more general upheavals caused by climate change, including the rise in sea level and the increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events. In addition, the consequences of climate change generally exacerbate the problems that coastal areas are already facing with disastrous socio-economic consequences.
As a result of the development project called “Port New Generation” and a change in status in 2012, the GPMG, which became a manager of natural areas, implemented in 2016 a major environmental management plan: Cáyoli. In 2019, the Life Adapt’Island project is therefore a continuation of the Cáyoli program and reinforces the GPMG’s commitment to environmental management on a regional scale, beyond the natural areas under its management.

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