This report is part of action C1 referring to the first campaigns of biological material sampling. The technical implementation document of the project foresees annual collection campaigns in order to collect propagules and seeds of mangroves, fragments of coral colonies and seeds of seagrass from the environment. The purpose of these collections is to put specimens in a nursery before to be introduced in the identified rehabilitation sites.
The first collection campaign should have taken place 5 months after the launching of the project according to the initial proposal made to the commission. However, the rewriting of the scientific strategy led to the adjustment of the project orientations. Thus the collection objectives, the requirements in terms of biological calendar and the targeted species were revised.
The objectives of this report are to present:
– The progress of the project;
– The reorientation of the collection of biological material;
– The first collection results;
– An inventory of specimens available to the GPMG to carry out active restoration operations.

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